In March I was told by my doctor in Colorado that with my COPD I needed to “get off the mountain.” I had a friend who had moved here to Anderson from CO. She invited me to come here to see if the change in altitude would help. Another friend of mine here knew Nancy Lamar and arranged for her to show me some homes.
Although she knew that these homes would not be available by the time I moved here, she used these homes to put together a detailed list of my likes and dislikes. She was so kind and very determined to find me a house to love.
I had it in my mind that I wanted a house which had been vacant for quite some time and very close to my friend’s home. She went out of her way to find out who owned the house and made an appointment for us to get inside the home. It was after we looked over the house that I was more determined than ever. I put in an offer, but it was turned down.
In the meantime, I kept receiving listings that were close to the limit of the amount of the mortgage loan I knew I could handle. I was determined to use a large bank. She did not force me to change, but she did encourage my changing to a local and experienced financier. I couldn’t understand why she kept sending me those types of listings. I later learned that my list of likes were sending those listings to me automatically.
I wanted my friends to go with me to look at the house again. She arranged for a contractor to meet us there to explain some damages I had seen which would need to be addressed. It was during that viewing that I came to know how very much Nancy was looking out for me and my pocket book. She NEVER told me what to do or think, but she would show me the two ways of looking at a possible home. It is important to think about moving in right now or waiting for months until repairs are made.
I can’t emphasize this enough: Nancy guided me through the whole experience of looking at homes. I have lived in brand new, right off the lot mobile homes for the majority of my life. I had only bought two other non-mobile homes, but those were forced on me.
Nancy was sending me those listings that were within my “requirements.” She found what she thought was the perfect listing. The first time I saw this “perfect” home, I still had my heart set on the home close to my friend. Once I put those thoughts to rest, we went again. This time through, I saw the charm and items that fulfilled my desires.
Once I put in a bid, Nancy started helping me through the steps to buy a home in my new home state.
I am now in my new home, and I love it. Without Nancy, I would not be where I am today. This home filled all of my “requirements” and “would like to haves.” I am very happy with my decision to move here. I am thrilled that Nancy was my realtor and knew my wishes. She is now my friend.